Tell us Your Thoughts on NRC Chat!

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We launched this new platform– Let’s Chat – in April. We wanted to feature real-time discussions on  specific issues with NRC experts responding to your questions.

So far, we’ve held six Chats – on the history of nuclear power in the U.S., on the Japan Lessons Learned Directorate and its activities, the role of the resident inspector, severe weather preparedness, small modular reactors, and a conversation with our Executive Director for Operations. We appreciate everyone who has stopped by and sent us  questions. (By the way, they are archived on this site.)

Our next session is July 23 from 2 to 3 p.m. Eastern on Waste Confidence. 

Now we’d like some feedback from you. What did you think? Are the times and days of the week convenient?

We also like to hear your topic suggestions. We do have some limitations on topics for the Chat. It’s not the place for regulatory issues currently before the Commission or likely to come to the Commission, for example, or actively being adjudicated. But if you suggest a topic and we can make it work, we’ll put it on the schedule.

Thanks for your input!